From Humble Beginnings
Tri Tec Electronics, Inc. started as a specialty connector and cable assembly provider. In 1994, with a handful of customers, Tri Tec began its tradition of meeting customers' requirements with precise and quality work. Since then, Tri Tec Electronics has flourished in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, providing IT services, phone systems, specialty computers, kiosk assembly and installation, and specialty cables and connectors. Keepings its traditions strong, Tri Tec holds quality and precision as the standard of work and has consistently been recognized for its excellence.
The Tri in Tri Tec Electronics
Three things we hold close from the very beginning
Quality reigns high in the Tri Tec work day. All products that are sent out of our doors have been thoroughly checked and tested to assure the proper delivery our customers deserve.
Tri Tec Electronics has always had a customer first approach. Using this ideology, when we work with a customer, it is never the last time. Customer satisfaction means a lot to us and we do all that we can to make sure it happens.
We know how important a reliable vendor is, and we want the same for our customers. When our name is called, we will be sure to respond. Using our prompt response time with our quality and service, we see an abundance of happy, returning customers.
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